Governor Walz

image The Governor with the First Lady at his side flew into the UK a few hours before attending the service. Despite a short and busy schedule in the UK the Governor was determined to pay his respects to all Veterans. He was one of four distinguished speakers including the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom. The Governor was accompanied by his Senior Team. State flags were at the headstone of each Minnesotan.

First Lady Gwen Walz

image The First Lady, with the Governor laid a wreath of gratitude on behalf of the People of Minnesota. The First Lady then visited the graves of Minnesotans pausing by their headstones as did the Gold Star Mothers on their visits in the 1930s. A rose was placed at each one. In the Chapel, near the walls inscribed with the names of the missing the First Lady and Governor signed the visitors book.


This three & half minute video captures some highlights of the service and the visit of Governor Walz & First Lady.
There is also an album of some 140 images from the day. You can see them here. Veterans Day at Brookwood American Military Cemetery is held each year on the Sunday closest in the calendar to the 11th November which is the official day of remembrance in the UK and USA.
These are my observations and thus any errors of protocol, title & fact are entirely my own.
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